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Pastor Todd Alexander
House of Grace Assembly of God Church
Gallatin, TN


“We are right at the six-month mark, and our visitor flow has increased several fold! I love how it has ignited evangelism in our people!  It has turned EVERYONE into someone focused and able to share a book with someone.”

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Brad Phillips
Harvest Church
Baker City, OR


“We are sending about 75 to 100 books a month into our community. In two years, we have grown by 50%. We are reaching our community through Good Catch Publishing.”

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Executive Pastor Ryan Kresge
Impact Church
Lowell, MI


“I just want to encourage you, as a pastor looking for ways to break down the walls of your church and get the Good News into the community, this is a great way to do that, from start to finish.”

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Pastor Scott Frerking
Church on the Rock
Wasilla, AK


“It’s probably been 200 or 300 people over the past couple years who have come back a week after I gave them the book and said, ‘I read the book! God just overwhelmed me.’”

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Misty M.
Texas Prison System  


“I am now incarcerated in Texas … I won a book called Unbroken. I could NOT put it down, and it is now being passed around to other women in here … I cried, laughed and learned that this was what was needed for me and my three children so I can go on and fix what I broke.”

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Pastor Luke Reid
Resound Church
Portland, OR


“It’s evangelism that won’t stop. We have found a lot of people have come from this book even months, years later. It will keep speaking and keep having high impact.”

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Terry Abbott
River of Life Assembly
Hood River, OR


“We couldn’t have afforded to do this any other way, and it’s given us value way beyond the cost that we spent.”

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Pastor Branden Hall
Shiloh Christian Fellowship
Modesto, CA


"The worship team was having practice and a lady walked in the back door. When she came in, she sat down and started watching the worship practice. She began to weep while they were practicing. The worship team stopped and went back to pray with her, and she stated that she read the book and God led her to the church that night."

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Bill Courtnay
Church on the Rock
Vancouver, WA


“Last January, we published our third book. Between January and now (a year later), we grew from 150 to 300 people. Our church doubled! We are really thrilled with our involvement in Good Catch Publishing and the impact the book is having on our community.”

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Pastor Joe Turner
Lighthouse PCG
Carey, OH


The attendance at Lighthouse PCG increased 18.5% in six months.

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Common Questions


Brad Phillips LargeWhat has been the impact?

“Our book has gone out to about 2,000 homes so far in our community.”

Pastor Brad Phillips  

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Let’s be honest, is this REALLY the best evangelism method?

“I have never seen anything that compares with this book.”

Pastor Mike Rose  

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Is this affordable for smaller churches?

"It's particularly useful, I think, to the small churches."

Pastor Jonathan Griffiths

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Terry Abbott

Why don’t I just produce a book myself?

“Good Catch Publishing has resources that we will never have.”

Pastor Terry Abbott

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Has your church grown as a result of the book?

“Here we are four months after our launch, and our church has literally tripled.”

Pastor Andy Shaver

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Are these testimony books quality products?

“What you do communicates who you are. So this book really had to reflect the excellence we’re used to.”

Pastor Luke Reid

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What’s the appeal of the book?

“You cannot argue or debate with a transformed life.”

Pastor Chris Miller

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I'm a busy pastor! How many hours do I have to invest in making a book?

"I actually almost felt guilty with how little I was putting into it for the impact of this book."

Pastor Luke Reid

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How did you respond when you read your book for the first time?

“As we were reading the stories, I just began to weep.”

Pastor Rod Enos

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Is there a benefit within the church?

“You get a team vision going with the entire church.”

Pastor Bill Courtnay

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with your church’s testimonies.  

“I was actually 95% against this until I saw this webinar. And I thought, ‘That fits our DNA.’ We are a larger church, very used to excellence in presentation.
And the presentation of this blew my mind.”


Pastor Jason Holdridge

Impact Church
Lowell, MI

Who We Are:

Great Commission Project contracts with Good Catch Publishing to produce testimony books for its client churches. We help real people share with their communities the raw, candid and inspiring true stories of how their lives changed in radical and wonderful ways after encountering the profound love of the living God.

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